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Thoughts on the new MBP with Touchbar and Touch ID

I finally got my hands on a new MacBook Pro, which also happens to be Apple’s updated flagship notebook. The key features are the Touch Bar + Touch ID, butterfly keyboard mechanism, jumbo Force Touch trackpad, faster SSD, faster RAM, & the ultra slim new design.

For the record, I was initially skeptical of the Cupertino-based company’s latest offering. “Why do I need an apparatus that replaces the function keys AND drains my battery?” “Why do I need Touch ID when I can Auto-Unlock my Mac from my Apple Watch?” “How long until this new hardware starts to fail?” All concerns I had before I fell in love with the laptop "I couldn’t even see myself using."

macbook pro with touch

With a lift of the screen, it powers up almost instantly thanks to the 100% faster solid-state drive and the elimination of the legendary Mac startup chime. It has really great battery life as well, lasting at least 10 hours or more on a single charge. Did I mention how amazing typing on it is? Ditching the 'clickiness' of the old scissor mechanism, Apple's second generation butterfly mechanism is softer or 'mushier', if you will, and as a result more satisfying to type on.

All in all, this product is another example of why Apple is the leader in consumer electronics: They continue to surprise and delight customers with magical products and user experiences.

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