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Some Mac users are getting hit with ransomware.

Several Apple users over the past few days have tweeted being locked out of their machines after cybercriminals took over their iCloud accounts. The problem is that these users actually had 2-Factor enabled. They just never received a code…

You get “partial” access to iCloud even without a texted code. When you enter the email and password on and then click on the Find My iPhone instead of entering the code, you can see the complete list of your devices. You won’t get access to your data, but, you will see the list of your devices and the ability to erase or lock them.

If this happens to you, you'll have to contact Apple and verify your identity to regain access to it with . Otherwise, the only ways to get back control of your machine is to perform a hard reset (which would mean losing all the data) or pay the ransom.

To stay safe from this iCloud ransomware campaign:
  1. Change your Apple ID password and never reuse passwords.

  2. Enable two-factor authentication.

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