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iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

Apple's Smart Keyboard focuses on portability first and foremost. It doesn't have a case to protect the back of the iPad Pro, acting only as a Smart Cover with integrated keyboard. This has its pros and cons: While thin and light and portable, it lacks a backlight, has less key travel, and only offers users one viewing angle. Still, we came away preferring the official Apple Smart Keyboard.

The Smart Keyboard snaps on quickly and easily, and once the case is folded into a triangle to prop up the iPad Pro, you're ready to go. The keys are covered in an interesting woven nylon cover that is textured to prevent slippage, is sealed to protect against spills, and provides a rebound effect that replaces the need for physical springs. Despite its thinness, the keys do still provide a soft, satisfying click when pressed. There's enough travel here to know exactly what you're pressing as you type.

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