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Battery Life with iOS 11

iOS 11 is Apple’s latest mobile operating system, but sometimes when a significant firmware update comes out, not all devices exhibit the best battery life after updating.

In this piece, we’ll discuss with you a plethora of ways to optimize your iPhone or iPad’s battery life so that you spend less time tethered to the power outlet.

But first…

Keep in mind that this list is subjective, and everything on it is optional. We wouldn’t expect any of you to apply all these suggestions. Instead, mix and match features that seem to work for you and your usage style and requirements.

  • Restrict Location Services

  • Govern Your Display Brightness

  • Use Auto-Lock

  • Turn Off Raise To Wake

  • Control Background App Refresh

  • Remove Power-Hungry Apps

  • Use A Still Wallpaper

  • Limit Incoming Notifications

  • Utilize Wi-Fi Calling

  • Disable Automatic Downloads

  • Reduce Animations And Motion

  • Turn Off The ‘Hey Siri’ Feature

  • Keep Videos From Auto-Playing In The App Store

  • Toggle Wireless Radios Off When Not Needed

  • Activate Low Power Mode

  • Use Your Apple Watch Whenever Possible

  • Use Wired Headphones Instead Of Wireless

  • Update Ios Regularly

Read the full article here.

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